Chapter Bylaws

     Chapter Bylaws 2013 This is a PDF file. The bylaws were accepted as ammended on April 26, 2013.

Chapter History

Alpha Beta Chi is Pima Community College's award-winning chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

Charted in 1976, ABX is the largest Phi Theta Kappa chapter in the Arizona Region. It is a prominent, influential student organization at Pima Community College and is competitive at local, regional and International levels. The ABX commitment to excellence focuses on the Four Hallmarks of our Society: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. This year, through our Enhanced Membership Program, we will be offering our members more opportunities to serve our chapter, our college and our local community than ever before. 

Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is a rewarding, life-long experience. To find out more information on how to join this exciting network of scholars, email us at

Chapter History 1976 To The Present

The information that follows is, to the best of our knowledge, the most accurate recounting of the chapter's history to date. There are several gaps in the record that follows. Alpha Beta Chi chapter will be most appreciative of any information that alumni and past advisors can provide to help us fill in the gaps or correct any errors. Please contact Lead Advisor Miranda Schubert with any information you might have. 

The Alpha Beta Chi (ABX) Chapter was chartered at Pima Community College on January 1, 1976. At that time, there were only two campuses, the West Campus and Community Campus, with the West Campus being the only brick and mortar facility. The charter was granted to the entire college, establishing a single chapter for all campuses. There were 13 charter members and one advisor, Raymond (Ray) Sparks. Mr. Sparks is currently a faculty member at the East Campus.  The charter members were:
                                                    Jeanette Frazier- Katz              Harry W. Morse

                                                    Tom Gallegos                            Linda Pehlke

                                                    Stephen Hardcastle                  Kenneth Pitts 

                                                    Susan L. Hargrove                    Sandee Shoults

                                                    Ruby Ann Lopez                        Rickey Smith

                                                    Michaeleen Mason                    Wade Trembath

                                                    Velma Valenzuela


1977 – 1978

Ray Sparks, Leland Scott, and Pat Davis were made honorary members.

1979 – 1980

Diego A. Navarette, Jr. and Raymond E. Shultz (deceased), David S., S. James Wainlla, and Mary Chambers were made Honorary Members

On may 22, 1980, Phi Theta Kappa, National Honor Fraternity of American Community/Junior Colleges chartered the Pima Community College alumni chapter designated as Beta of Arizona. The charter members were:  Vickey E. Weiss, Carolyn BanCleve, Stella M. Stoaker (spelling?), Mary K. Hanell (spelling?), O. Gilmunas (spelling?), someone whose name can not be deciphered, JoAnn Garalh (spelling?), Glay Ann Cassidy, Carol F. Venable.  The Alumni charter advisor was Diego A. Navarrette Jr.


Joyce M. Lane and College Chancellor Dr. Jeff Hockaday were made Honorary Members.

1981 – 1982

Rudy A Castro, Jacob Fruchtindler, Macaro Taedata, Lenwoor Schorr, Donald Shropshire, James B. Klein, M.D., Alphus Christensen, Ester Tang, Leonard Edmond, Georgia Brousseau, Maria, Urquides, Michael Harris, Michael J. Brown, Thomas Nevins, Joe Bedard, Howard Goldwyn, Elgie M. Matteau, Wesley Soderquist and Tamas Zsitvay were made Honorary Members.

1991 – 1992

Chapter officers were Dianna Repp (President), Elizabeth Luppy (Vice President), Elizabeth Edwards (Vice President), Mary Esquimal (Vice President), Kert Thuster (Vice President), Sally Rosenberg (Secretary) Samual Lippse (Secretary), Laurence Redmand (Treasurer), Rose Alexandra (Treasurer), Diane Hess (Treasurer).

1992 – 1993

Cherri Fisher (Outstanding Initiate)

Chapter earns first Five-Star rating for Chapter Development.  A brief article printed in the May 25th, 1993 issue of the Bulletin  read as follows:

For the first time since its establishment in 1976, PCC’s honor society has been awarded a five-star rating – the highest possible – from Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society for two-year colleges.

“Our students’ service to the community and their highest level of participation at all three PTK conferences pushed us from a three to a five this time, and that’s with 1,000 chapters represented,” said PCC reading teacher Dr. Theria Beverly, district advisor for Alpha Beta Chi, PCC’s honor society chapter.

Judging was based on overall excellence in the categories of scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

Beverly also brings national honor to the college by being named one of Phi Theta Kappa’s 15 Guiles Distinguished Advisors.  She said that is also a first for PCC’s chapter.  Since 1990, when Beverly became the college’s district advisor, enrollment has quadrupled to 390 members.  PCC students nominated her for the award, submitting an essay about her leadership skills and accomplishments for the school and community.

The following persons were made Honorary Members in 1993.

Jean E. Baker, Graham Smart, Jana B. Kooi, Dr. Miguel Palacios, Michael Engs, Ed Acuna, Elie Stovell

Student members must maintain a 3.5 grade point average and must take an active role in serving their community and school.

1993 – 1994

The chapter officers were Barbara Encinas (President), “Ginger” Cullen (Vice President), Diane Hess (Vice President), Cheri M. fisher (Vice President), Bill West (Vice President), Cindy L. Kanto (Secretary), Bruce Phillips (Secretary), Jill Roun (Treasurer)

1996 – 1997

Chapter officers were: Sharon Kowaleski (President), Marisela Vega (Executive Vice President), Donna Moricconi (Treasurer), Andrew Heller (Community Services Director), Michele Wilson (Public Relations Director), Sara Kraia (Membership Services Director). The chapter advisors were: Mary Stout (Contact Advisor), Pat Houston (Downtown Campus), Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus), Karen Engelsen (Desert Vista Campus), and Sue Jensen (East Campus). The chapter instituted its first Enhanced Membership Program, requiring that members complete 100 hours of service to the chapter, college and community. The chapter hosted the Arizona Regional Convention at the Desert Vista Campus, and was recognized as a Two-Star Chapter.

The Honors Study Topic theme was The Arts: Landscape of Our Time.  The Phi Theta Kappa 1996-1998 International Service Program was Compassion, Understanding, and Education: An AIDS Awareness Program.

Chapter membership fees were $25.00.

1997 – 1998

Officers: Sabrina Garcia (President), Dottie Tucker (Vice-President), Kulie Kimmenau (Secretary), Lori Karkosky (Treasurer), Jeff Degner (Membership Services Director), John Sorrentino (Public Relations Director)

Advisors: Mary Stout (Contact Advisor), Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus), Sue Jensen (East Campus), Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus), Karen Engelsen (Desert Vista Campus).

1998 - 1999

In 1998 – 1999, the ABX chapter leapt from Two-Star status to Four-Star status. The officers that year were Dottie Tucker (President), Charyl ?? (Vice-President), (Secretary), Lori Karkosky (Treasurer), Scott Mealer (Community Service Director), Jeff Degner (Member Services Director),   (Public Relations Director).  In the spring semester, Scott Mealer became the Member Services Director after Jeff had to resign because of health problems.  During this year, Jeff also served the Arizona Region as Southern District Vice-President. The chapter advisors were: Mary Stout (Contact Advisor), Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus), Karen Engelsen (Desert Vista Campus), Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus), Robert Carey (East Campus).  During that year, the chapter witnessed renewed interest among its members and advisors.

At the Arizona Regional Convention, held in at Mohave Community College in Bullhead City, Community Services Director, Scott Mealer, won the Arizona Region Essay Contest that focused on the Honors Study Topic theme of The Pursuit of Happiness: Conflicting Visions and Values.  Scott’s essay won him a paid registration to the Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Institute at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., to explore the 1999 – 2000 Honors Study Topic, The New Millennium: The Past as Prologue.

1999 – 2000

During the 1999-2000 Phi Theta Kappa year, the following members served as officers:  Scott Mealer (President),  Matthew Stuart (Vice-President), Janine Jones (Treasurer), Andrew Rector (Programs Director),  Holly ???(Community Services Director), (Public Relations Director), and  Pam Brumé (Member Services Director).  The advisors that year were Rob Carey (Contact Advisor, and East Campus Advisor), Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus), Karen Engelsen (Desert Vista Campus), and Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus).  Alpha Beta Chi was the most active it had been in several years, and through its programming, was recognized as a Five-Star Chapter. At the Arizona Regional Convention hosted at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, the chapter was recognized as the Distinguished Chapter for the Arizona Region, and won the Scholarship and Leadership Hallmark Awards.  Matt Stuart won the Distinguished Officer Award.  Advisors Rob Carey and Karen Engelsen were recognized with Horizon Awards, and Karen Engelsen was named to the Arizona Region Hall of Honor.


Janine Jones was elected chapter Vice-President during the spring of 2000 but in October was appointed as Chapter President because she had been performing the duties of the office for the entire year. Janine Jones (Chapter President), Miria Biller (Seretary), Sonia Martinez (Treasurer), Gary Quinn (Member Services Director), Kyle Allison Conley (Public Relations Director). Georgia Spencer (Community Services Director).

Chapter advisors were Rob Carey (Contact Advisor and East Campus), Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus), Karen Engelsen (Desert Vista Campus), Beth Hunter (Community Campus), and Candido Mercado (West Campus).

Regional Awards: Scholarship Hallmark - Award Winner; Leadership Hallmark – 1st Runner Up, Service Hallmark –  3rd Runner Up, Distinguished Chapter – Award Winner; Recognition Award for hosting the Arizona Regional Convention

International Awards: Distinguished Chapter Award 2000 – 2001, Shirley B. Gordon Award (Chancellor Jensen), Giles Award for Distinguished Advisors (Kathy Curley), Paragon Award for New Advisors (Karen Engelsen)

Chapter received Certificate of Participation from West Campus Student Government for active participation during the spring 2001 semester.  This certificate was awarded on May 8, 2001.

2001 – 2002

The 2001–2002 Chapter officers were Estella Yseguerra (President), Sarah Rasmussen (Secretary), Elizabeth Akkerman (Treasurer), Richard Oliver (Programs Director), Shad Tillow (Community Service Director) and Rorie Johnson (Member Services Director).

The advisors were Rob Carey (East Campus), Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus), Beth Hunter (Community Campus), and Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus). Advisor Karen Engelsen stepped down that year because she left the College.

The chapter received one of four Distinguished Chapter awards at the Regional Convention held at Estrella Mountain Community College, and was recognized at the International Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, as a Distinguished Chapter for the second consecutive year. Alpha Beta Chi was also recognized as one of the Society’s Top 25 chapters for Service.

Estella was named to the Arizona Region’s Hall of Honor for her work as a chapter president, and she received the chapter’s Distinguished Chapter President award. Rorie Johnston received the chapter’s Distinguished Officer award, and Mark Krzympiec received the chapter’s Distinguished Chapter Member award.  Advisor Rob Carey received the chapter’s Distinguished Advisor Award and also received the Paragon Award for New Advisors at the International Convention and Dr. Candido Mercado received the Giles Award there as well.

2002 – 2003

The 2002-2003 chapter officers were Shad Tillow (President), Tony “T.J.” Duffy (Vice President), Elizabeth Akkerman (Secretary), Cynthia Wolff (Treasurer), Tyrone Scercy (Member Services Director), Deborah Mullins (Programs Director), and Judith Judith (Community Services Director). Campus Liaisons were Davita Mueller (Community Campus Liaison) and Jo Jackson (West Campus Liaison).

The advisors were Beth Hunter (Community Campus), Dr. JodyLee Duek (Desert Vista Campus), Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus), Rob Carey (East Campus and Contact Advisor), Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus) and Gary Quinn (West Campus).

The chapter received one of three Distinguished Chapter Awards at the Regional Convention held at the Pima Community College Downtown Campus. The chapter also won the Arizona Regional Fellowship Hallmark Award, and tied for first runner-up for the Scholarship Hallmark, was first runner-up for the Leadership Hallmark, and was second runner-up for the Service Hallmark. Jo Jackson was named to the Arizona Regional Hall of Honor for her nomination as a Distinguished Chapter Member, and Rob Carey was named to the Hall of Honor for his nomination as a Distinguished Chapter Advisor. At the International Convention, Alpha Beta Chi received one of 10 Service Hallmark Awards, and was recognized as one of 5 Beta Alpha Chapters for Continued Excellence for three or more consecutive years. Deborah Mullins received a Distinguished Chapter Officer Award and advisor Kathy Curley received a Continued Excellence Award for Advisors. Alpha Beta Chi was also recognized as a contributor to Carol Gavin Scholarship Ten-percent Club, a scholarship program sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Phi Chapter at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey. This scholarship program gave four $1,000 scholarships to selected Phi Theta Kappans whose lives were touched by cancer. The scholarship honored Dr. Carol Gavin, a Phi Theta Kappa advisor who is a breast cancer survivor.

Chapter President Shad Tillow initiated dialogue between Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters and the University of Arizona that resulted in the U of A establishing three full-tuition and stipend transfer scholarships exclusively for Phi Theta Kappans. He also served as the Tucson Relay for Life Entertainment Sub-committee chairperson and recruited the chapter to serve as the subcommittee. The chapter’s participation in the Relay for Life along with its leadership and participation in several other events benefiting the American Cancer Society contributed to the chapter’s recognition as an International Service Hallmark Award recipient.

Chancellor Roy Flores was made an Honorary Member and retiring Chancellor Robert D. Jensen received the Society’s Michael Bennett Lifetime Achievement Award for his years of support to Phi Theta Kappa and the Alpha Beta Chi chapter. Chancellor Flores directed Dr. Eleanor Brown to set aside monies to support sending chapter members and an advisor to the International Convention, and to also pay for rental costs of the Proscenium Theatre for the semi-annual induction ceremonies.

The chapter bylaws were amended elevating Campus Liaisons to the status of chapter officer, and to give every attending member a vote at Executive Board Meetings. The office of Vice-President was abolished and the various director positions were elevated to Vice-President positions:

Vice-President of Scholarship (formally Programs Director)

Vice-President of Service (formally Community Services Director)

Vice-President of Membership (formally Membership Services Director)

Vice-President of Fellowship (formally a duty of the Membership Director)


2003 – 2004

Chapter officers were Jo Jackson (President), Deborah Mullins (Vice-President of Membership), Sherrie Stewart (Vice-President of Scholarship), Judith Judith (Vice-President of Service), Margaret Reweikiza (Vice-President of Fellowship), Robert “Bob” Hall (Treasurer), Davita Mueller (Community Campus Liaison), and Robert Siegel (Downtown Campus Liaison).

The advisors were Beth Hunter (Community Campus), Dr. JodyLee Duek (Desert Vista Campus), Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus), Rob Carey (East Campus and Contact Advisor),  (Northwest Campus), Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus) and Mark Rook (West Campus).

The chapter was recognized as second runner-up for the Arizona Regional Scholarship Hallmark, and was first runner-up for the Leadership Hallmark during the Regional Convention held at Mesa Community College. Advisor Rob Carey received the Arizona Regional Distinguished Advisor Award. Alpha Beta Chi was one of 10 chapters that received the International Service Hallmark Award at the International Convention in Minneapolis, MN. Chapter President Jo Jackson received a Distinguished Chapter President Award, Judith Judith received a Distinguished Chapter Officer Award, and Rob Carey received a Robert Giles Distinguished Advisor Award.

The following people were made honorary members for their contributions to the chapter’s success:

Denis Cornyer (American Cancer Society)

Dr. Eleanor Brown (Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Services)

John Baggett 

Amber Stewart

Paula Smith-Hawkins (Northwest Campus Advisor)

Eric Rook (West Campus Advisor)

Amber Stewart was also made a provisional member.

2004  –  2005

Chapter Officers were:

Tricia A. Rivas - President

Shelby K. Irons - Vice-President of Membership

Marcus De Volder - Vice-President of Leadership

Taryn Blackburn - Vice-President of Scholarship

Hayley Willdrot - Vice-President of Service

Alice Wagner - Vice-President of Fellowship

Hiba Zakai - Vice-President of Finance

Shannon Morgenstern - Vice-President of Public Relations

Campus Liaisons: Amy Abrahamson and Oksana Kostroski (Desert Vista), Brissia Perez (Downtown Campus), Angie Hocker and Dave Ruitenberg (East Campus), Maurice Lee and Stephani Blair (Northwest Campus), Samantha Harvey-Maluf and Kevin Carr (West Campus).

Chapter Advisors were:

Beth Hunter (Community Campus)

Dr. JodyLee Duek (Desert Vista Campus)

Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus)

Rob Carey (East Campus and Lead Advisor)

Dr. Ann-Marie McCartan (Northwest Campus)

Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus)

The chapter bylaws were amended on November 17, 2004 by unanimous vote - most notably to allow chapter officers to complete their terms of service through the spring semester in the instance that he or she is elected as a Regional Officer.  Also, the following titles of office were changed to:

Vice-President of Finance (formally Treasurer)

Vice-President of Administration (formally Secretary)


2005  –  2006

Chapter Officers were:

Alice Wagner - President

Kristina Skrinjaric  - Vice-President of Membership

Kennadi Stogsdill - Vice-President of Service

James Pennington-McQueen - Vice-President of Fellowship

Suze Roll - Northwest Campus Liaison

Gloria Smith - Northwest Campus Liaison

Chapter Advisors were:

Beth Hunter (Community Campus)

Dr. JodyLee Estrada Duek (Desert Vista Campus)

Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus)

Rob Carey (East Campus and Lead Advisor)

Dr. Ann-Marie McCartan (Northwest Campus)

Dr. Candido Mercado (West Campus)

2006  –  2007

Chapter Officers were:

Dorothy Nishwitz - President

Cyrus Soroosh - Vice-President of Membership

Victor M. Castaneda - Vice-President of Leadership

John Hunter - Vice-President of Scholarship

Sarah M. Koltanowski - Vice-President of Service

Karla Bustamante Scott - Vice-President of Fellowship

Keith Holland - Vice-President of Finance

Avery S. Davis - Vice-President of Public Relations

Tambrea J. Ryman  - Desert Vista Campus Liaison

Mark Neely - Desert Vista Campus Liaison

Aindrea M. McCammon – West Campus Liaison

Chapter Advisors were:

Beth Hunter (Community Campus)

Dr. JodyLee Estrada Duek (Desert Vista Campus)

Kathy Curley (Downtown Campus)

Rob Carey (East Campus and Lead Advisor)

Ninfa Trejo (Northwest Campus)

Dr. Nancee Sorenson (West Campus)


2007 - 2008

Alexis Grijalva (President)

Tejin Lakdawala (Vice President of Membership through December 2008)       
Dan Singer ( Vice President of Membership January 2009–May 2009)
Cynthia Berens (Vice President of Scholarship)
Aminata Sagnon (Vice President of Leadership)
Ayla Palmer (Vice President of Service through January 2009)
Lisa Ryan (Vice President of Service February 2009 – May 2009)
Marissa Casillas (Vice President of Fellowship)
Sharon Buhs (Vice President of Finance)
Melissa Leyva ((Vice President of Administration)
Natasha Stephens (Vice President of Public Relations)

2011 - 2012

Gabi Payne (President)

Jessica Carbajal

Mary Ross

Miguel Lopez-Vergara

Iuliia Kpvalova

Maya Swainson

Lesline Dijouwe

Peter Hoffman

Liaison Team

Aaron Dinius

Elizabeth Hiol

Cherise Lukacs

Jennifer Gallardo

Katherine Restorff

Michael Berumen

2012 - 2013


Jessica Carbajal (President)

Aaron Dinius (Acting Vice President December 2012-May 2013)       
Dianette Lopez (Membership Recruitment Officer, December 2012-May 2013)

Gina Mancebo (Finance Officer, December 2012-May 2013)

Kyra Wallace (Public Relations Officer, December 2012-May 2013)

Dannah Kamp (July 2012-January 2013)

Kelly Ruhlman (June 2012-December 2012)

Liaison Team

Aaron Dinius, Downtown Campus (June 2012-December 2012)

Kyra Wallace, West Campus (August 2012-December 2012)

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