Gerd Strauss


Lesson Plans




Modern Antisemitism in Germany


Nowhere to Turn: Plight of German Jews in Nazi Germany 1933-1941

Northwest Minnesota Historical Center

This site also contains background from Reformation on, including Social Darwinism.




7-9th grade:


Browining, Christopher, excerpt from an  interview with the Holocaust scholar about antisemitism before WWII


10th-post secondary:


Bergen, Doris L., Department of History University of Notre Dame

“Old Testament, New Hatreds: The Hebrew Bible and Antisemitism in Nazi Germany


Urban, Susanne, Anti-Semitism In Germany Today: Its Roots And Tendencies



World War I


Lesson plans and handouts that can be used independent of the television programs

            The Great War, PBS

World War One, BBC


Treaty of Versailles Text (Yale Avalon Project)


Treaty of Brest-Litovsk  Text (Yale Avalon Project)


Smele, Jonathan “Brest-Litovsk and Its Consequences


Noakes, Jeremy, “Hitler and ‘Lebensraum’ in the East

Brest-Litovsk to Nazism



History of Weimar Republic


The History Learning Site

Well organized. Excellent, brief, readable discussion of Weimar Constitution. Advertisements may be distracting.


German Notes

Accurate history of Weimar Republic accompanied by visuals of German bank notes from Weimar and Nazi Era


Timeline of Weimar Republic

David W. Morgan, Professor of History Emeritus, Wesleyan University


Cultural Life in Weimar Republic

Professor Gerhard Rempel, Western New England College


Film in Weimar

Fussell, Michael


Election Results in Weimar

Professor Dan Graf, Virginia Wesleyan College