The trial transcripts for the Schuettauf trial was interesting and very informative. Through it, I found out about the existence of the Mauthausen and Gusen camps in Austria. They brought to my attention some problems with the camps that I did not know existed. I knew that Jews and others were gassed in the camps, but I was not aware of some of the other means by which Nazis would brutally murder these people. I did not know the extent of the mail fraud that was occurring. In addition, they gave me a little understanding about the structure of the camps and how they worked.

I was not aware of the methods by which people were killed in concentration camps. I knew that many people died in the camps by gassing, starvation, disease, or working to death. However, I was not aware of the practice of bathing people to death, or beating them to death. Overall, it just heightens my disgust for the camps and the Nazi brutality.

The topic of mail fraud was very interesting. From this topic I learned how much and what kind of mail was permitted to be received by the prisoners. I learned about the process through which the mail was censored and distributed. I also learned about what types of items were taken or stolen during the censoring process.

Another interesting detail about these trial transcripts is the description of the structure of the camp. I learned that the word concentration camp was not just a camp where people lived together. No, prisoners were secluded by an electric fence, which lined the Inner Camp. The SS was not permitted, unless with special permission to run the camp. Capos ran the camp on the inside and the SS ran what happened outside the inner camp.

This digital archive truly was fascinating and informative. I learned a lot from reading them and they helped me look deeper into the horrifying structure of the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust.

                                                                    --Rocklyn Winchester