There were a lot of things in my section of the trial transcripts that interested me.  There were many things in it that I did not know about the Holocaust, and I feel that I am more informed and have a great deal of knowledge after working with these materials.  One of the things that most interested me while working on this project was the section pertaining to the mail room.  I did not have prior knowledge that some prisoners at these camps were allowed to send mail (247) and even more so, receive packages (252).  Although the SS censored the contents and often removed items from the packages, I was amazed that the inmates even had the opportunity to receive packages.  It just seemed crazy that they had those “luxuries” in such a cruel, inhumane place.  The other main thing that stuck out to me and helped me better understand the Holocaust was the section about the bathing (258).  It is hard to understand, but certainly not hard to believe that some of the inmates would drown in the bath houses.  The inmates would be worked so hard that when they fell down in the water, they could not even stand up to save their own lives (258).  That puts in to perspective just how hard these men were worked at these camps.


                                                            --Patrick Pope