Prosecution Closing Arguments


Chief Prosecutor Mr. Lewis Horowitz corrects the translation of exhibit P-14. New translation is designated as P-14A (502).


Prosecution makes reference to Wilhelm Tuttas in Death Book. Death Book is exhibit P-25. Prosecution also state that from testimony of main Mauthausen case that the Death Book records are only accurate in names (503). 


Accused are listed by number and name ( 504):


1.  Erick Schuettauf

2.  Wilhelm Grill

3. Willi Jungjohann

4. Oskar Tandler

5. Herbert Hartung

6. Alfons Hugo Heisig


Prosecution case was summarized as follows:


Schuettauf ordered executions according to Kowalski’s testimony on page 16 of this court manuscript (504). Kamienski’s testimony states that Schuettauf gave orders resulting in prisoners being beaten to death. Only the accused contradicted this testimony. The fact that he was commander of one of the guard companies all of the time, and perhaps all of the guard companies some of the time lends, “credence to the fact that he actually did give the orders” (504).  


The postal charges against Grill are not as important as the fact that Kowalski, Kamienski, Szulc, Gomez, Szmura and Berdzinski’s testimony as well as the testimony of other accused have placed Grill at the invalid baths (505).


Evidence is strong that Jungjohann shot an American flyer and threw prisoners onto the quarry from high points. Kowalski and Berdzinski have testified that Jungjohann beat a Spaniard to death (505).


Rather than “dwelling” (505) on the evidence that Tandler caused thousands of deaths among the Russian POWs, the prosecution focuses on Kowalski’s testimony that Tandler took an active part in the gassing of Russian POWs. Tandler denies being block leader but even the defense’s witness placed him as the block leader. Kowalski and Szmura testified that Tandler beat a Russian POW and subsequently drowned him. Kamienski testified that when prisoners collapsed in the quarry, Tandler ordered that they be suffocated by piling dead bodies on them (505). 


Kowalski and Szmura testify to Hartung’s involvement in killing Tuttas. Kowalski also testifies about Hartung’s involvement in the gassing of 500 prisoners in early 1945. Hartung has admitted to shooting Leitzinger although he later denied his shot “took effect” ( 506).


Kowalski testifies that that Heisig participated in the gassing of 500 prisoners in 1945. Szulc testifies to Heisig’s involvement in bathing prisoners to death (506).