NARA Explanation of Record Group 226 Office of Strategic Services



OSS Documents


Dupont Mission Report

RG 226 Entry 190 7/2/04 Box 4

Text of Report with Photos (some photos missing from file)


Documents from RG 226 Entry 190 190/9/31/5 Box 369:


List of Concentration Camps Excluding Western Occupied Territories

RG 226 Entry 190 9.31.5 Box 369

21 June 1944 to replace the list from March 14

Gusen mentioned on page but as “not traced”


POW Captured September 1944

Gefr Karl Heinz Obloch

Discusses experiences as guard at Gusen and Melk


POW captured in December 1944

British Intelligence report of information obtained from POW Panzer Grenadier Slonina,  a Polish citizen arrested in April 1940 for refusing to become a German citizen. Slonina was sent first to Dachau in May 1940 and then Gusen I in June 1940. Slonina’s father was able to secure his release in 1944 on condition that he become a German citizen, after which he was drafted. Slonina soon deserted. Contains an early report of conditions in Gusen I, information about Spanish and Russian prisoners, a list of prionsers, and a map.


OSS Documents Found in Other Record Groups:


OSS Report on Concentration Camp Mauthausen-Gusen

24 May 1945

Located in the Judge Advocate General War Crimes Cases Tried Files

RG 549 Entry 290 59.12.3 Box 335