Transcripts of "Mauthausen" Trials held at Dachau

Record Group 153 Entry 143 270/1/15/7 Entry 143


(This archives' goal is to make complete trial transcripts available for all Gusen-related trials. We will add them as we complete them.) Reviews and Recommendations for all cases listed below can be found at thanks to Nicole Haney, University of Toledo.

Vol. 4 (ETO Case No. 00-50-5-3) U.S.A. v Erich Schuettauf et al., Boxes 15-17. (Tried June 24, 1947)

With summaries of testimony by Pima Community College Students and Spanish translations of some witnesses


Vol. 26 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-28) U.S.A. v. Adolf Berg et al., Box 37-38 (Tried 11 September 1947)


 Vol 1 (ETO Case No. 00-50-5) U.S.A. v. Hans Altfuldisch et al. Boxes 5-11a Tried March 29, 1946. Mauthausen Main Concentration Camp Case


Vol. 5 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-4) U.S.A. v. Kaspar Goetz, et al. Box 18. Tried July 29, 1947. Gusen I


Vol 6 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-5) U.S.A. b. Willi Werner et al., Box 18


Vol.10 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-10) U.S.A. v. Georg Bach et al., Box 22. Gusen I


Vol 11 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-11) U.S.A. v. Andreas Batterman et al. Box 23 Gusen I


Vol. 14 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-14) U.S.A. v. Eduard Dlouhy et al., Box 26


Vol 17 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-18) Theo Otto Bernhardt et al., Boxes 28-29


Vol. 19 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-20) U.S.A v. Martin Biersack Box 30 Gusen


Vol. 20 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-21) U.S.A. v. Joseph Kattner et al., Box 31 Gusen


Vol. 21 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-22) U.S.A. v. Peter Baerens et al. Boxes 31-32


Vol. 22 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-23) U.S.A. v. Franz Kofler et al.


Vol. 24. (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-25) U.S.A. v. Laurio Navas et al., Box 35


Vol. 27 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-29) U.S.A. v. Karl Bertsch et al., Boxes 38-41


Vol. 28 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-30) U.S.A. v. Bernhard Fernikorn et al., Box 41 St Georgen and Gusen II


Vol. 29 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-31) U.S.A. v. Karl Glas et al., Boxes 41-43 Gusen I


Vol 30 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-32) U.S.A. b. Karl Horcicka el al. Boxes 43-44 Gusen I


Vol. 38 )ETO Case No. 000-50-5-42) U.S.A. v. Georg Priner et al., Box 47 Gusen I


Vol. 41 (ETO Case No 000-50-5-45) U.S.A. v. Karl Fleischer, Box 49


Vol. 43 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-47) U.S.A. v. Dopierla, Boxes 49-50 Gusen I


Vol. 45 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-49) U.S.A. v. Paul Wolfram, Box 50


Vol. 46 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-50) U.S.A. v. Adolf Berg et al., Boxes 50-51 (10 November 1947)


Vol. 50 (ETO Case No. 000-Mauthausen-4) U.S.A. v. Damaschke, Box 52


Vol. 53 (ETO Case No. 000-Mauthausen-7) Rudolf Brust Box 53. Gusen I


Vol 54  (ETO Case No. 000-Mauthausen-12) U.S.A. v. Karl Kania, Gusen I and II


Vol. 55 (ETO Case No. 000-Mauthausen-13) U.S.A. v. Karl Albrecht, box 54


Vol. 59 (ETO Case No. 000-Mauthausen-19) U.S.A. v. Joaquin Espinosa, box 55 Gusen I and II

Case File 5-124, Vol. 1 (ETO Case No. 12-1370) Military Commission vs. Hans Saur Box 62