United States v. Adolf Berg, et al.

Vol. 26 (ETO Case No. 000-50-5-28) , Box 37


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Index to PDF Files Pages 1-556 of Trial Transcript

(prepared by David Chappell)


Certificate of Authenticity

Preliminary Files

Commitment 11 September 1947

Assignment of Counsel

Charge Sheet

Identification Sheets

Hans Böhn

Walter Glosze

Walter K. Haassengier

Wilhelm Müller

Arthur Obst

Alexander Peroutka

Franz Schultz


Record of Testimony (Lists Witnesses and Exhibits)



Exhibits available in Record Group 153


P-3 Statement of Alexander Peroutka pgs 1-5 (Deutsch/English)

P-4 Statement of Arthur Obst 6-13  (Deutsch/English)

P-5 Certified copy of pages 66 and 67 of book  Entitled "Unnatural Causes of Death"  (Deutsch)

P-6 Certified copy of pages 78 and 79 of book  Entitled "Unnatural Causes of Death"  (Deutsch)

P-7 Death Book of Unnatural Causes (withdrawn)

P-8 Statement of Hans Böhn 17-20  (Deutsch/English)

P-9 Not offered in evidence 21

P-10 Statement of Wilhelm Müller  (Deutsch/English)

P-11 Statement of Binet Marcel re Böhn (English/Français)

P-12 Statement of re Binet Marcel re Glosze (English/Français)

P-13 Statement of Binet Marcel re Müller  (Deutsch/English)

P-14 Statement of Josef Krysiek (Deutsch/English)

P-15 Statement of Riegis (Not admitted )

D-1 Translation of letter of Schulz to his wife (English only)

D-2 Letter of Schulz to his wife  (Deutsch/English)

D-3 Letter of Schulz to his wife (Deutsch/English)

D-4 Letter of Schulz to his wife (Deutsch/English)

D-5 Letter of Schulz to his wife (Deutsch/English)

D-6 Letter of Schulz to his wife (Deutsch/English)

D-7 Stipulation as to the testimony of Antonio Grozcinsky (English only)

D-8 Statement of Arthur Obst (English onl)y

D-9 Statement of Paul Stoik (English only)

D-10 Certificate of Political Loyalty of Walter Haassengier  (Deutsch/English)

D-11 Statement of Bahnführer Thiem 70-72  (Deutsch/English)

D-12 Statement of Charlotte Glosze 73-75  (Deutsch/English)

D-13 Statement of Hans Weissner and wife (English only)

D-14 Certificate by Gottfried Heidenberger (English only)

D-15 Statement of Riegis (English only)

D-16 Certificate by Dippon (English only)

D-17 Certificate of Weber  (Deutsch/English)

D-18 Statement of Rudolf Kansmeyer  (Deutsch/English)

D-19 Statement of Riegis (4 March 1946)  (Deutsch/English)

D-20 Statement of Frieda Ackerman 86 in English only

D-21 Statement of Elsbeth Antkowisk (English only)

D-22 Certificate in lieu of Emil Geiger  (Deutsch/English)



Order on Review and Certificate of Compliance May 1948

Review and Recommendations May 1948

Petitions for Clemency June 1948


Action of Modification Board 1951