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Personal & Professional Information

     Hello, I am Charles Hill. Thanks for visiting my web page. I am an adjunct faculty member at Pima College. I have been an instructor in the Computer Information Systems area since 1988. Over this time I have taught the following courses:

  • BUS125 eCommerce
  • CIS220 Novell Netware Networking and Administration
  • CIS225 Linux (UNIX) System and Network Administration
  • CIS226 Advanced Linux Networking
  • CIS250 Introduction to Assembly Language
  • CIS280 Systems Analysis & Design: Concepts and Tools
  • CIS281 Systems Analysis & Design: Applications
  • CIS275 Advanced Assembly Language (no longer offered)
  • CSA120 Word Processing: Word
  • CSA130 PowerPoint
  • CSA170 Database: Access

Currently, I am teaching only web-based courses hosted on the Pima College Blackboard system.

For more information on distance learning, see the Pima College Distance Learning page.

Contact Information

Voice Mail: 520-206-4464 Mailbox 9810

Note: It is faster and more effective to reach me by email!

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