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Basic Computer Resources: Get Computer and Tech Savvy

More than ever before, students are expected to perform basic computer skills—for both traditional courses and for online courses—in order to be successful in school.   Therefore, it is important to feel comfortable with technology and using your computer. The information and online resources listed at the left may be helpful to you if you need to improve your basic computer and technology skills.

Pima Community College also offers some great introductory computer skills classes:

CSA089 - Beginning Computer Skills. This course includes basic computer skills, computer terminology, Windows use, handling files, and word processing (Word Pad).

CSA100/101 - Computer Literacy and Computer Fundamentals. These courses include overviews of computer applications and functions.

Other Helpful Information

Computer Basics

  • WebWise - a set of tutorials from BBC, including A Beginner's Guide to the Internet; Computer Basics; & Social Media Basics

  • Wiredguide - a beginner's guide to computing and the Internet

  • Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 - Jan Smith has created an illustrated Computer Literacy 101 course. Most topics are also available in Spanish (Espaņol). (Disclaimer: This site is free for online use, but sells a downloadable copy. Listing this site for its online content does not indicate an endorsement by Pima Community College.)

  • How-to's from Microsoft

  • MS Office Training

Components of a Computer System

Mouse & Keyboard Skills